Contact Akron City Hospital: Get in Touch via Phone Number

Akron City Hospital, located in Akron, Ohio, is one of the largest and most reputable medical facilities in the state. It has been serving the community for over 125 years, providing exceptional healthcare services to its patients. One of the most important and frequently asked questions about this hospital is its phone number.

Akron City Hospital phone number is (330) 375-3000. This number can be used to contact the hospital for any general inquiries, appointments, or emergencies. The hospital’s phone line is available 24/7, ensuring that patients can reach out to them at any time.

A Brief History of Akron City Hospital

The history of Akron City Hospital dates back to 1891 when it was first established as Peoples Hospital. It started as a small facility with only 12 beds, but over the years, it has grown to become a major medical center with over 725 beds and multiple specialties.

In 1901, the hospital was renamed “City Hospital of Akron,” and it continued to expand its services and facilities. In 1940, it underwent a major renovation and became known as Akron City Hospital. Since then, the hospital has been dedicated to providing high-quality and compassionate care to its patients, earning a reputation as one of the best hospitals in the state.

When is the Best Time to Dial Akron City Hospital Phone Number?

You can dial Akron City Hospital phone number at any time. However, if you want to avoid long wait times, it is best to call during regular business hours, which are Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. If you are calling for an emergency, you can contact the hospital at any time, and their trained professionals will be there to assist you.

The Importance of Akron City Hospital Phone Number

Having a readily available and easily accessible phone number is crucial for any hospital. It allows patients to reach out to their healthcare providers for any urgent or non-urgent medical needs. Akron City Hospital phone number provides patients with a direct line to the hospital, ensuring that they receive timely and proper care.

Moreover, the phone number also allows individuals to schedule appointments, inquire about services and facilities, and get information about the hospital’s various departments. This convenience and efficiency enhance the overall experience for patients and make it easier for them to access the medical care they need.

How is Akron City Hospital Phone Number Celebrated?

Akron City Hospital phone number may not be celebrated as a holiday, but it is certainly appreciated by the community for its importance and convenience. The hospital takes pride in providing patients with a direct line of communication, and the phone number is often highlighted on their website and social media platforms.

In addition, on World Health Day, the hospital conducts various awareness campaigns, which also include the importance of having easily accessible healthcare services such as a phone number. This highlights the value and significance of Akron City Hospital phone number in the community.

Facts About Akron City Hospital Phone Number

  1. The hospital’s phone number is available 24/7 for any medical needs.
  2. The hospital’s emergency department is accessible through the phone number at any time.
  3. Akron City Hospital has been recognized as a top-performing hospital in the state and the nation.


In conclusion, Akron City Hospital phone number is an essential contact for individuals seeking healthcare services in the Akron community. Its availability ensures that patients can access timely and proper care and also provides a direct line of communication for inquiries and appointments. As the hospital continues to grow and provide exceptional medical care, their phone number remains an important component in their commitment to serving the community.

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