Contact Akron General Hospital: Essential Phone Number for Easy Access

The Akron General Hospital, also known as Cleveland Clinic Akron General, is a not-for-profit teaching hospital located in Akron, Ohio. It was founded in 1914 and has been providing high-quality medical care to the community for over a century. The hospital offers a wide range of services from primary care to specialized treatments and surgeries. If you are in need of medical assistance, you may be wondering, what is the Akron General Hospital phone number?

The Akron General Hospital phone number history

The Akron General Hospital has undergone many changes throughout its history, including merging with Cleveland Clinic and expanding its services. However, one thing has remained constant – its dedication to providing exceptional care to its patients. The hospital’s phone number has also remained the same for many years, making it easy for patients to remember and reach out for help when needed.

When is the best time to call the Akron General Hospital?

If a medical emergency arises, you should call the Akron General Hospital phone number immediately. The hospital’s emergency room is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is equipped to handle all types of emergency cases. However, if you are calling for non-emergency situations, it is best to call during regular business hours. The hospital’s main switchboard is available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays and 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturdays.

The importance of the Akron General Hospital phone number

The Akron General Hospital phone number is the primary point of contact for patients seeking medical care. It is a vital tool in connecting patients with the hospital’s highly skilled healthcare professionals, who are committed to providing compassionate and effective treatment. In emergency situations, a quick call to the hospital can be a matter of life and death, showcasing the importance of having a reliable and easy-to-access phone number.

Celebrating the Akron General Hospital phone number

On April 15th, the Akron General Hospital celebrated the 20th anniversary of its merger with Cleveland Clinic. This merger allowed the hospital to continue to grow and provide even more advanced medical care to the community. This milestone is a testament to the hospital’s dedication to continuously improving its services and meeting the evolving needs of its patients. The Akron General Hospital phone number has played a significant role in this growth and continues to be a vital link between the hospital and the community it serves.

Interesting facts about the Akron General Hospital phone number

• The Akron General Hospital phone number is (330) 344-6000.

• The hospital’s switchboard receives an average of over 1,000 calls a day.

• The hospital was the first in Ohio to offer innovative robotic-assisted surgery.

Frequently asked questions about the Akron General Hospital phone number

Q: Can I schedule an appointment by calling the Akron General Hospital phone number?

A: Yes, the hospital’s phone number can be used to schedule appointments or make changes to existing ones.

Q: Is there a separate number for the hospital’s emergency room?

A: No, the same phone number can be used for both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Q: Can I get information about a patient by calling the hospital’s phone number?

A: Due to privacy laws, Akron General Hospital cannot disclose information about patients over the phone. However, family members can contact the hospital’s patient information department for updates on a patient’s condition.

In conclusion

The Akron General Hospital phone number is an essential contact for anyone in need of medical care in the Akron, Ohio area. With its long history, reliability, and availability, the hospital’s phone number remains a lifeline for the community, connecting patients with the best healthcare services available. Whether for emergencies or scheduled appointments, the Akron General Hospital phone number is a crucial resource for those seeking medical assistance. So, make sure to save it in your contacts for any medical needs that may arise.

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