AV Hospital Phone Number: Your Comprehensive Guide

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When it comes to healthcare, having the right phone numbers at your fingertips can make a significant difference. In this comprehensive guide, we provide you with all the essential phone numbers you might need at Antelope Valley Hospital (AV Hospital).

Emergency Room Phone Number

AV Hospital Emergency Room: In the event of a medical emergency, time is of the essence. For immediate assistance, contact the AV Hospital Emergency Room at +1 661-949-5000. Trained medical professionals are available around the clock to provide swift and effective care during emergencies.

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Antelope Valley Hospital Directory

Accessing the Directory: To connect with specific departments or healthcare professionals within the hospital, you can utilize the Antelope Valley Hospital directory. This directory serves as your gateway to reach the right person. Simply call the main hospital line at +1 661-949-5000, and from there, you can navigate to your desired department or individual by following the automated prompts.

AV Hospital Medical Records

Requesting Medical Records: If you require access to your medical records for personal reference or to share with another healthcare provider, Antelope Valley Hospital has a dedicated department to assist you. Contact the AV Hospital Medical Records Department at +1 661-949-5000. Be prepared to provide relevant information for verification to ensure the privacy and security of your medical data.

AV Hospital Address

Hospital Location: Antelope Valley Hospital is conveniently located at 1600 W Ave J, Lancaster, CA 93534, United States. This strategic location ensures accessibility for residents and visitors alike, allowing for timely access to medical care when needed.

Fax Number for Antelope Valley Hospital Medical Records

Transmitting Medical Records: In some cases, you may need to transmit your medical records via fax. To do so, utilize the following fax number for Antelope Valley Hospital Medical Records:661-949-5017. Ensure that you follow proper protocols and provide accurate recipient information when sending medical records via fax.

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Conclusion: Your Resource for Contact Information

In conclusion, this comprehensive guide equips you with all the essential phone numbers you may need at Antelope Valley Hospital. Whether you require immediate assistance in an emergency, need to connect with a specific department, access your medical records, or transmit records via fax, having this contact information readily available ensures a smoother healthcare experience.

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