Contact Cooper Hospital: Phone Number for Appointments and Inquiries

There are many hospitals in the United States that provide top-notch medical care to its patients. However, only a few stand out for their exceptional services and Cooper Hospital is one of them. Located in Camden, New Jersey, Cooper Hospital has been providing high-quality healthcare for over 130 years. This world-renowned hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a team of highly trained medical professionals. But what sets Cooper Hospital apart is its commitment to providing accessible healthcare to all individuals, regardless of their background or financial status. And one of the key ways they ensure this is through their phone number.

Add Cooper Hospital Phone Number History

The history of Cooper Hospital dates back to 1887 when it was founded by a group of prominent businessmen and philanthropists in Camden, New Jersey. The hospital was initially named “The Cooper Hospital and Medical Center”, after its founder, Dr. James Cooper. Over the years, the hospital has undergone significant expansions, including the addition of a new patient pavilion and the establishment of various specialized departments such as the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Through these developments, Cooper Hospital has successfully maintained its position as a leading healthcare provider in the country.

Add Cooper Hospital Phone Number When is Date

Cooper Hospital’s phone number has been in existence since its establishment in 1887. However, the hospital frequently updates its phone number to stay current with the latest technological advancements and to better serve its patients. The most recent change in the hospital’s phone number was in 2019, when the hospital implemented a new phone system to improve communication and streamline the patient experience.

Add Cooper Hospital Phone Number Importance

Having a reliable and accessible phone number is crucial for a hospital like Cooper Hospital. The importance of this cannot be overstated, as it serves as the primary point of contact for patients, their families, and referring physicians. Cooper Hospital’s phone number is essential in connecting patients to the hospital’s various departments, including emergency services, appointment scheduling, and patient support. It also serves as a means for patients to reach out for urgent medical assistance and to stay connected with their healthcare team during and after their treatment.

Furthermore, with advancements in telemedicine, Cooper Hospital’s phone number has also become a vital tool for providing remote healthcare services. Patients can now connect with their doctors through video and audio calls, enabling them to receive medical advice and consultations from the comfort of their homes, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

Add Cooper Hospital Phone Number Celebration

In 2017, Cooper Hospital celebrated its 130th-anniversary milestone, marking over a century of providing exceptional healthcare services. As part of the celebrations, the hospital launched a new ad campaign highlighting its commitment to “the people who call us first.” This emphasis on being there for their patients when they need them the most, further solidifies the importance of Cooper Hospital’s phone number in the daily operations of the hospital.

Add Facts about Cooper Hospital Phone Number

– The current phone number of Cooper Hospital is 800-8-COOPER (800-826-6737)
– The hospital’s phone number is available 24/7, including holidays
– Cooper Hospital’s phone number is toll-free, ensuring accessibility to all individuals
– The hospital has a language line service that provides interpretation in over 150 languages for non-English speaking patients
– The phone number is also used for scheduling appointments, obtaining medical records, and billing inquiries


Cooper Hospital’s phone number is not just a set of ten digits; it is an essential aspect of the hospital’s commitment to providing quality healthcare to its patients. It serves as a lifeline, connecting patients to the hospital’s various services and ensuring prompt and efficient medical care. Therefore, it is essential to have this information readily available for anyone in need of healthcare services. Cooper Hospital’s phone number is a testament to their dedication to serving their patients and a vital part of their success over the past 130 years.

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