UAB Hospital Contact: Essential Phone Number for Patients and Visitors

What is the UAB Hospital Phone Number?

The UAB Hospital phone number is a vital means of communication for patients, visitors, and staff of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospitals. The phone number, (205) 934-4011, connects callers to the main switchboard of UAB Hospital, a premier academic medical center in Birmingham, Alabama. This number serves as the primary contact for all inquiries, appointments, and emergencies related to the hospital.

History of UAB Hospital Phone Number

The history of UAB Hospital phone number dates back to its inception in 1945 when the first University of Alabama hospital was established. The existing telephone system was then used to communicate with patients and staff. However, as the hospital expanded, multiple telephone numbers were introduced for different departments, leading to confusion and inefficiency.

In 2004, UAB Hospital implemented a unified phone system that combined all phone numbers into one main switchboard, thus creating the current UAB Hospital phone number – (205) 934-4011. This significant change streamlined communication within the hospital and improved the patient experience.

Importance of UAB Hospital Phone Number

The UAB Hospital phone number is crucial for several reasons:

  • Accessible Healthcare: The phone number provides a direct link to the hospital, making healthcare more accessible to patients and their families.
  • Rapid Response: In emergencies, a simple call to the UAB Hospital phone number can trigger a rapid response from the hospital’s dedicated emergency team.
  • Information and Appointments: The phone number serves as a gateway to information about hospital services, appointments, visiting hours, and more.
  • Efficiency and Coordination: By centralizing communication, the UAB Hospital phone number ensures efficiency and coordination among different departments of the hospital.

Celebration of UAB Hospital Phone Number

The UAB Hospital phone number is not only a means of communication but also a symbol of the hospital’s commitment to providing excellent healthcare. On every April 1st, the hospital celebrates National Doctors’ Day, honoring all the dedicated physicians who serve at UAB Hospital. This celebration also recognizes the tireless efforts of the hospital’s administrative team, including the switchboard operators who manage the UAB Hospital phone number.

Facts about UAB Hospital Phone Number

Here are a few interesting facts about UAB Hospital’s main phone number:

  • The UAB Hospital phone number – (205) 934-4011 – is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The number has a special ringtone, making it easily identifiable to staff and departments within the hospital.
  • UAB Hospital phone number is not just for local calls. It also offers toll-free options, such as 1-800-UAB-UAB1, for patients outside the local area.
  • UAB Hospital’s switchboard operators answer approximately 3,000 calls a day, with an average of 500 of those calls related to emergencies.


As we have seen, the UAB Hospital phone number is an essential element of the hospital’s operations. It has a rich history and significant importance in providing efficient and accessible healthcare. With its celebrations and interesting facts, the UAB Hospital phone number is more than just a series of numbers – it is a symbol of compassion and care for patients and their families. So, next time you need to contact UAB Hospital, remember to dial (205) 934-4011 – your direct line to world-class healthcare.

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